Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet the stallholders...Christmas Shopping with The Joy Of Hooping

It's darling! prides itself on finding unusual creative talent, excellently skilled craftspeople, vintage traders with taste and a passion for service and! Which is why we're so pleased to introduce you to Emilie Joy Rowell, Hula Hoop maker and teacher. If you're lucky she might give you a demo so come along and look for The Joy of Hooping stall!

Tell us about what you sell and what inspired you to start.

I make hula hoops for grown-ups. My inspiration to hoop came from going to see the formidable Grace Jones play. She hooped her way through ‘Slave to the Rythym’ and I decided that life was missing a hula-hoop. I’ve been hoop dancing and hoop making for over two years now. I love moving with the hoop creatively and in making hoops I get to play with colour and texture in the designs.

What is your most value-for-money item and what is your most favourite?

My grippy practice hoops start at £14 for adult hoops, kids hoops are from £9, they’re also great for playing with on your hands/arms. My favoutire hoops are the super-bling shiny ones and the Bat Hoop (guess what colours that one is!)

What are your top three tips for Christmas shopping/present giving?

  1. Enjoy giving. If shopping on the high street is stressing you out find another way! Think about the person you’re buying for and what they could need in their life.
  1. If you’re buying for someone who has everything, sometimes something that they can do or experience is a better gift than more objects.
  1. Half of the fun is the childlike joy of ripping open lovingly wrapped parcels on Xmas morning, we have a family tradition of expanding the fun… Everyone busy a silly gift for under a fiver. It can take the pressure off buying that perfect gift (sssssh, don’t tell anyone but sometimes they’re the best things to get).
What is most darling about the South West in Winter?

I love sneaking out of town and playing in the countryside, especially enjoying wintry sunsets through the trees at Ashton Court or Westonbirt Arboretum.

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