Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet the stallholders: Tea and Cake with… Emma McDougall & Jane Symonds of Dufflebobble Crafts

This mother and daughter craft powerhouse live in Wiltshire and, as Emma explains, they they “enjoy making beautiful home and personal gifts from gorgeous fabrics.” Currently they make doorstops, brooches, fabric rings and bunting, plus they have a specialist range of wedding bunting and toast glass sets too. They sell mostly on the internet and at fairs around the country and will be at "It's darling!" on Saturday 11th December.

Look for the Dufflebobble Crafts' logo

HI Emma. What’s your favourite cake? And kind of tea?

Love breakfast tea in a pot, well-stewed, and mums amazing brownies (she won’t give up the recipe sorry its a secret apparently), If I’m out and about I love a good wedge of carrot cake and an espresso! 

When and why did you start Dufflebobble Crafts?

When my mum Jane was made redundant and I was on maternity leave, we both discovered a passion for Amy Butler fabrics and the crafty side of us came out!

Gorgeous hair-slide by Dufflebobble Crafts

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?

We love kitsch and Cath Kidston-eque fabrics so we are often found hovering around shops that sells these types of things, gathering inspiration.

Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”?

The idea of being part of "It's Darling" is just 'Darling' to us. We started chatting to the lovely organisers on Facebook and were asked to join the fun. The feeling of 'It's Darling'! and the creative people behind the idea seem to have the same passion for similar crafts as we do, so it seemed perfect to join the "It's Darling!" festivities. 

Something to brighten up the season

Are you doing anything special with your stall for the fair?

We have personalised bunting so you will be able to spot us in the crowd, and for this fair we will be showcasing a range of fascinators and corsages made from fabric flowers, just perfect for the festive season.

Cute bunting

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

Me, my husband and my two daughters are still in our jammys at 11am, opening our stockings, wearing silly hats and the room is awash with wrapping paper and ribbon. Round to mum’s for lunch and the girls have the biggest smiles on their faces. As long as everyone is happy that has to be the best feeling and the whole point of the day for us. 

Please finish this sentence: Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….

Half a Guinness at the local! 

 What’s “It’s darling!” in your life?

My beautiful babies are simply darling (of course!), the cat’s not bad either! 

Emma's darling daughters

To find out more about Dufflebobble Crafts click here, visit their shop on Folsky or email

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