Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet the stallholders...tea and cake with Ellen Roberts from Shepherd's Moon

Ellen was one of our original traders back in July and has always been a staunch supporter of “It’s darling!”. She is an expert in all things woollen and is a knitter and a weaver and a spinner and spins yarn on the stall while she sells. This year she will be having two pitches on Saturday 11th December (going to get ourselves some lovely warm scarves and hats), which is also her birthday. She lives in Newport, South Wales.

Ellen getting in the spirit of "It's darling!" - we have free facepainting on Sunday 12th December.

Hi Ellen, what’s your favourite cake? And kind of tea?

Favorite cake? What’s NOT my favourite cake…  As for tea, I like Earl Grey Tea and Chai Tea

What do you make and sell?

Hand-spun yarn of different fibres. Garmets and items from hand- spun fibre. Everything made by hand!

A hand-spun bag by Ellen and Shepherd's Moon

When and why did you start doing this? Do you do it full time? What inspired you to start?

I have always been a knitter and learned to weave from my Grandmother early on whenever I went to visit her. I currently have and work on the loom that my Granddad made for her. When I moved to the UK from the US in 2007 I wasn’t really finding the type of yarn I wanted to knit with. I joined my local spinner/ weavers guild and learned to spin. Thinking that I couldn’t be the only person who would like something different, I started Shepherd’s Moon in February 2008.  I really enjoy what I do and hope that I end up infecting others with the spinning bug! 

Wool spun by Ellen

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?

I just make what catches my eye and hope that others feel the same way!

One of Ellen's scarves (posed by model)

Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”?

I was in the first “It’s Darling!” Fair in July. I really enjoyed the experience and the folks that I met there! I learned of it originally from a friend who was thinking of taking part.

Ellen spinning at the first "It's darling!" fair in July

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

My ideal Christmas Day is spending it with my little boy, Owain and my family…  I am wearing something very comfortable and having a Bailey’s! 

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….

Soppy Christmas songs, and Morcombe and Wise!

More of Ellen's beautiful, hand-made work

What’s “It’s darling!” in your life?

My son Owain is my darling!

With her son, Owain

To find out more about Ellen and Shepherd's Moon click here, email or ring 07523 856899

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  1. It was great to see Ellen in action at the first It's Darling... Looking forward to seeing her again :)


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