Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In case you missed her....a little chat with Sarah Daly from Tea for Two

So - the Christmas "It's darling!" is over and what a fabulous time it was. The stalls looked AMAZING - please check out the pictures on our Flicker page (see left). There were a few stallholders that we didn't get a chance to flag up before the 11th so we'll be posting a few more profiles - in case you saw them and wanted their details - or you missed the fair altogether and want to know more about who was there..First up is the gorgeous Sarah Daly from Bristol and her textile company, Tea for Two who was with us on Sunday 12th.

Jumping Sarah

Hello Sarah, tell us what you make...

My mum (Pam) and I make button hearts, bags, purses, cushion covers and gift bags with tea and cake related appliqué!

Sarah's button hearts

When and why did you start doing this? 

I started Tea for Two in July 2009. My mum has always inspired me to sew and I love handmade gifts. I had been making button hearts, bags and purses as gifts and my friends always seemed so pleased, so I thought I would give it a go! It was one of those things that I just went for without really considering everything, and now (despite the stressful moments) I can’t imagine not doing it!

Tea for Two Cushion Cover 

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? 

My inspiration is usually things that I would buy myself. tea for two’s themes of cupcakes, tea cups and buttons are generally there because I love those things! I do remember that the idea for the princess and the pea bag came to me when I was working in the children’s section of my local library.


Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!” and what was your experience of it? 

I heard about "It’s darling!" when I applied to trade at Green Park Station market in Bath. It just seemed perfect! I will be back next year and I loved meeting all the other sellers.

Handmade Christmas Hearts

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

On my ideal Christmas day I am with my mum, my brother Will and my Grandma (and Tippy the cat) wearing my dressing gown and a Christmas hat and surrounded by rustling wrapping paper as my mum rummages around under the Christmas tree and my brother (now 21!) gets very excited! I would have just eaten scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast and considering if it was too early to open the chocolate coins…

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….  
A huge Christmas tree.

What’s “It’s darling!” in your life? 

I’m afraid I have to be a bit cheesy and say my friends and family – particularly as tea for two would not exist without their support.

Some of Sarah's darlings

To find out more about Sarah go to or her blog

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