Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet the stallholders: 60 seconds with.....Suzanne Lenihan aka Mrs Stokes' Mum

Suzanne Lenihan is calling her stall  "Mrs Stokes's Mother". It's true after all and she is bringing her gorgeous array of handmade cushion covers, bunting, lavender/rose bags and various other household soft furnishing items. She lives by the seaside in glorious Hayling Island in Hampshire and has been making things "since the children were small."

Suzanne in her lovely sunny garden by the sea

1. Why did you want to be part of "It's darling!" Did Mrs Stokes bribe you?

Ha, ha, no, it's because I thought it was such a good idea - aren't we all a little bored going around the same shops, selling the same things in every town we go to? There are so many talented crafts people out there but it's not always easy for them to find the right places to show their work.

2. What's your passion?

My family - my wonderful husband John, beautiful daughters Cathy and Emma, their fantastic husbands Jai and Owen and not forgetting our utterly delightful granddaughter Erin. My passion apart from my family is circle dancing ( which is not line dancing)

Suzanne made this bunting especially for "It's darling!"

3) Have you any special offers for "It's darling!"

I'm selling bags of assorted coloured beads for craft projects at 40p a bag

4) What's your three second wisdom - life or craft advice?

Love what you're doing/making, go back and fix any mistakes because even if nobody else notices it you'll always know that it's there. And stop when you get tired because that always the time that things go wrong.

Beautiful handmade cushions

5) What's your desert island surival kit?

Hand cream, BBC Radio 7 and a soft pillow.

To contact Suzanne please email her.

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