Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet the stallholders: 60 seconds with...Catherine Stokes from Mrs Stokes Vintage China

I moved to Bath last December after giving up a hectic media life and wanted to see if the dream of living a quieter life would live up to my expectations. So I decided to sell vintage china, mainly because it's so pretty - and now I am hooked. I had the idea to present them in nice giftboxes which has been a popular wedding/christmas gift and have a regular stall at Green Park Station Market in the city where I also sell handmade jewellery and other vintage bits and pieces too.

Mrs Stokes looking a bit pale - working too hard on "It's darling!" methinks

I am married to a wonderful, curly-headed fella called Jai (J for Jonathan, although don't call him that), have a wonderful mother Suzanne who is taking a stall at the fair too, lovely sister, brother-in-law, niece, stepdad, dad, little brothers and's a big family and I love them all. I never planned to organise a vintage and handmade fair, it just kind of happened that way, when I met the very talented Rebecca Amesbury of Purple Sparkle Crafts. We were having a coffee one day when we thought "wouldn't it be good if...." So three months and not-a- lot-of-sleep later we have arranged the hall, booked the stallholders, bought the tea, washed the china and are ready to welcome whoever comes through the door!

Mrs Stokes' signature teaset-giftboxes

We really are looking forward to seeing what happens on Saturday and want to thank everyone who has supported us and the stallholders. My teaset giftboxes will be £20 rather than the usual £25 as a special offer for the fair only.

My three second wisdom is life's too short to worry (although I do all the time), my desert island survival kit is Redbush tea, my husband (he's really good at making things and would love to think of himself as a bit of a survival expert), and of course a cup and saucer (does that count as one thing?)

To find out more go to my blog, my website or come and visit me at Green Park Station in Bath on a Saturday.

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