Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet the stallholders….coffee break with Collage Gypsy Ltd.

We love new ways to evoke a vintage feel, which is why Collage Gypsy's work is a joy...

Nice to meet you, please introduce yourself.

My name is Sadie Walker aka Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.

Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  A collage I made using my favourite photo of  me and my sister. 
Where are you based?

I’m very lucky to live at the foot of the Malvern Hills - my home overlooks Eastnor Castle and I’m surrounded by stunning countryside (below).

Tell us about what you do...

I create mixed media collage art, gifts and homewares such as collages, cushions, bags, jewellery and cards that are inspired by early 20th century photographs and postcards.  I’m particularly interested in the Edwardian era and the 1950’s.   I use different stories, poems and photographs to explore my feelings about my lost childhood and I create art that rejoices in the life and time that we do have.

 Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  ‘What Katy Did’ Collage celebrating childhood
Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  One of my cushion designs.

What do you love most about what you sell/make?

My favourite are my collages.  I feel very passionate about each one I make.  I use original photographs and ephemera so each one is unique.  I try to create a story that is beautiful with a hint of sadness hidden beneath the layers.

Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  ‘Little Girls’ Collage
What is your most value-for-money item?

My necklaces because they are double-sided with a different photo and caption on each side, so depending on what mood you’re in you can choose between two looks.  They sell at £8.50 each and each one is unique.

Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  Double-sided necklaces I have made.

 Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  One of my stalls.

Have you traded at “It’s darling!” before and is when? If not how did you hear about “It’s darling!”?

 This is my first time trading at "It's darling!".  I heard about it through Bryn who runs Kay’s Eclectic Vintage in Cardiff.  She met me for the first time at the Vintage Vision event in Abergavenny where I was doing a stall and thought that my items would  be suitable for the events at Bath.  A lucky quirk of fate!

What is your favourite part of Bath?

I visited Bath a few weeks ago to check out the fair venue at The Guildhall.  I thought the building was fabulous and opposite Bath Abbey you couldn’t ask for a better location.  I also had a great time in a local shop Vintage to Vogue looking through all their fabulous clothes!

Why do you think customers should make “It’s darling!”  their must-visit vintage & handmade fair this Summer?

I think that in this day and age of mass-produced living, people are looking to buy unique, much-loved items for their home.  Whether it’s recycled or handcrafted the customer wants something that’s got a little history and the It’s Darling! Fair will be the perfect place to find that hidden treasure!

Collage-Gypsy Ltd©. I have furnished my home with handmade and thrift finds.

What would you say is “darling” in your life?

I’m very lucky to be able to live the handcrafted life that I Iove and live in a beautiful area with my husband and two teenage kids who have been so supportive while I’ve been setting up my business which is what I’ve always wanted to do.  It doesn’t feel like work because I love making art. 

Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.  When I’m not crafting I’m riding my bike with my little dog Monty.
Collage-Gypsy Ltd©.    A Chicken and her chicks in our garden. 
For more info email Sadie Virginia Walker BA Hons  (Collage-Gypsy Ltd©) at or go to her blog

Collagegypsy is on Facebook and Twitter too.


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  1. Great blog interview - will look forward to seeing all your lovely things on 16th July.


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