Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet the stallholders....a quick cuppa with Vicky from Vicky Loves Vintage

Vicky Weir is one of our new traders this Spring and she lives in Kineton, Warwickshire. Her business is called Vicky Loves Vintage. Come and meet her.

Hi, tell us what you do.

I sell cushions, bags, purses and homewares created from vintage fabric alongside fabulous vintage treasures which I find on my travels. Eclectic range of ages, but I adore 1950’s glassware and Midwinter pottery.

A Vicky Loves Vintage special

 When and why did you start doing this?

My first fair was Spring last year, I was inspired by the fact that my vintage obsession was spiralling out of control and the house could take no more! If I was going to continue snapping up vintage treasures everywhere I went I was going to need another outlet hence Vicky Loves Vintage was born. I’m not full-time at the moment (although if I did all those jobs that are pending I’m sure I would be!) When I’m not vintaging, I’m mum to my three children.

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the fabric I find. Often I discover a piece of fabric and buy it without any idea what I’m going to do with it. Out of the blue an idea will come to me about how to use it and we’re away! In terms of my vintage treasures at the moment it is 50’s glassware that I am finding irresistible. The colours are amazing and they fit in to any interior.

Cushion made from vintage fabric

 How did you hear about our fair?

I initially heard about “It’s darling!” via the internet. I’m always looking for new shows and events to be part of and this seemed like a great one to be part of. The next part of the story is slightly embarrassing (or could have been). I was reminded about the event at a vintage fair in the Cotswolds where I was showing. During a quiet moment I wandered over to another stall for a bit of a mooch and spied the “It’s Darling…” flyer. Picking it up I exclaimed at the top of my voice “Ooh I’ve heard of this is it any good?” to which the stallholder replied…”I hope so I’m the organizer!! It turned out that Becky was moonlighting and showing her own fabulous creations! It was fate and I quickly got in touch asking if there would be an opportunity to get involved this year. Thank goodness I wasn’t rude.

Are you doing anything special with your stall?

I spend a lot of time thinking about the way the stall will look. I normally work in colour themes grouping the stock together to create a cohesive look. The centerpiece for “It’s darling!” is going to be an amazing 50’s pitcher and tumbler set (complete and looking like new) to which I will add other items which complement it.

Vicky has some gorgeous creations

 What I love most about Spring is...the sunshine, just a glimmer of sunlight lifts my spirits and makes me happy to be alive!

What I need to buy most in Spring is...Some fabulous accessories for my new kitchen/diner.

For more info about Vicky please go to or email:

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