Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to meet the stallholders...tea and cake with Zoe Higgs of Very Vintage

Zoe lives in Yate, near Bristol and sells all kinds of vintage items like linens, glass, furniture and collectables.  She's a full-time nurse who has been collecting for a couple of years but this is her part-time passion and she calls her stall "Very Vintage".

Knitted cakes from Zoe - less fattening than the real thing

Hi Zoe, what's your favourite tea and cake combo?

Lemon Drizzle and English Breakfast.

What is your favourite type of item and why?  

Old sewing patterns and knitting needles – as they remind me of my Nannies!

Zoe's only just started selling vintage

Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”? 

I heard about it from a flyer and did not sell at the July sales as I just missed it.  

Zoe's first ever stall

Describe your ideal Christmas day in a couple of sentences. 

Full belly, toasty warm in new Pjs and socks snuggled up with Mum or Dad with a mince pie and double cream in one hand and a Baileys on ice or Babycham and cherry in the other!  Yuuum!

Cute china ornament from Zoe

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….   

A fatter belly and new PJs!

Find out more about Zoe on her Facebook page or visit her ebay shop

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