Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet the stallholders...Christmas Shopping with Refound Reloved

When we set up "It's darling!" in July 2010, we did so because we love handmade AND vintage. So we are always very happy to welcome vintage traders along as they always have such amazing finds. This Christmas we have some brilliant traders, starting with the wonderful  RefoundReloved. 

Tell us about yourselves.

We're Katy & Bronia and we will be at the fair on Saturday and Sunday. We sell a mix of vintage finds, some of which have been given a makeover by us, some left alone as they are just lovely already. We also sell a few handmade bits using vintage fabrics and haberdashery.

Are you looking forward to It's darling?

Yes, we are very excited to be part of it. It is so good that Bath is starting to develop a more artisan and vintage side to it, that has been fighting to emerge for years and that offers something different to the busy, same same, high street.

Tell us about what you sell and why/where do you get your inspiration?

Both of us cannot remember a time when we weren’t being taken to a car boot or jumble sale by our parents at the weekend - I guess we caught the bug. It is all that we knew. And we love it!  So, over time, our taste has developed and our joy in finding lovely things in all kinds of places has never abated. We are inspired by the history of an object, where it might have been and been up to! It is also as much about passing it on to carry on it’s journey and nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone light up when they find ‘their thing’. In addition to this we are both practical ladies, who have studied art and can sew. We have been making things for our own homes for years and have taken the plunge to make for others too. Also most of what we discover is made in England or the UK, and we love that sense of heritage, we should invest in British craftsmanship old or new.

What is your most affordable/value for money item and what is your most impressive/favourite/wow one?

We offer little curiosities, that change from event to event. Reasonably priced, but will give you that vintage look. we sell mix and match vintage plates that enable you to pull together your own individual dinner set from just £2 each. Bronia makes fabulous magnets and badges from vintage fabrics and her own original and stunning screen prints that will brighten up your coat or your fridge! We also sell painted small pieces of furniture by Katy, with blossom and birds and will be bringing a couple of children's vintage chairs that will have 50’s inspired illustrations on them.

What are your top three tips for Christmas shopping/present giving.

1. Buy something beautiful. if you fall in love with it yourself, buy it for someone else, the fun is in the finding.
2. Seek out the special little fairs early! don’t leave it late!
3.  Have a glass of mulled wine or Baileys while you wrap and put some Bing Crosby on the iPod.

What is most darling about the South West in Winter?

Walking through the best parts of Bath very early on a Sunday Morning on a crisp winter day when no-one else is up yet and you feel like you own the show! Oh! And the hills of course - sledging with your kids! nobody does the festive season better than your children.

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