Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet the stallholders: 60 seconds with.....Lynda and Alys from Rockfollies Vintage

Lynda & Alys Case we are a mother and daughter duo who call themselves Rock Follies Vintage and who are based in Worcester. They show at vintage fairs around the Midlands and South West and make felt vintage button brooches, corsages from original 1940's patterns and also have a range of recycled and reworked items,  including their "Flirty Skirts." They explain "these are re-worked skirts on quality elastic ribbing and feature vintage buttons (they have proved really popular with students who like to team them up with a vintage piece from our rails perhaps a 40's style shirt or a 1980's mohair knit ). We have also just launched a range of "Born to Shop" lined shopping bags, made from vintage fabrics and feature Vintage Buttons and a printed Rock Follies Fabric Label, and are just launching our on-trend Maxi Dress from vintage fabric built on a modern Bustier Top with vintage buttons !! we are bringing in new lines every season, that complement our Beautiful Vintage Collection". Phew they sound busy (and were so busy they didn't send any pics so you will have to come on the 17th to see their lovely things. 

1. How long have you been doing what you do?

We have a combination as a Mother and daughter duo, Lynda (mother) has sewed for years and Alys has the edgy fashion ideas. We started Rock Follies Vintage in October 2009, so although we are quiet new we have jumped in the deep end and have been very busy and our next fair will be our 20th!! We just love it and cant keep away!

2. Why did you start?

We went to a vintage shop and looked at each other and said "We could do this." Two days later we had a fair booked and  a collection in the loft and have not looked back.
3. What's your inspiration?
We just love vintage clothes, fabrics, buttons, even zips - they are better quality than those made today and so lovely. It's wicked that so many clothes are still being mass produced and you can not go into most towns and buy a piece of fabric and a sewing pattern.  We have some great ideas which we will develop over the next few years. ' Wear Forever' is our Mantra.

4. Why did you want to be part of "It's darling!"?

It sounds just perfect for us - handmade and Vintage - what more could you want? Our customers just love it so do we.

5. Any personal details you care to share? Partner, kids, hobbies, guilty pleasures?

Lynda has a wonderful supportive partner in Gary, he is always there to push a rail, set up a stall and encourage her in my dream of getting my own shop. Alys has just finished a busy year of study and is looking forward to developing some great ideas for Rock Follies Reworks and has also got some exciting new developments that will be launching at Christmas for a complete "Vintage Make Over."

6. What's your piece of "three second wisdom" - life or crafting advice?
'Use a Thimble'

7. What three things would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Sewing Machine, fabric, cotton
For more info about Rock Follies Vintage go to www.rockfolliesvintage.com

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