Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet the stallholders....a quick cuppa with Faith Barber from Something Fabulous by Faith

Faith Barber has traded with us since the very first fair last July so we are very fond of her, especially as she lives and works in North London so has to travel a fair distance to us. Her company is called Something Fabulous by Faith.

Faith and her darling husband

 Hi Faith, please let everyone know what you do and what you've been up to

I design and make unique & limited edition luxury clothes and accessories made from gorgeous fabrics and in a rainbow of beautiful colours. Everything from simple zip purses and elegant handbags to elaborate corsages and gorgeous cover-ups. I am a freelance designer creating bespoke bridal & eveningwear and I found that lots of people liked my accessories but didn’t necessarily want to commission them, hence ‘Something Fabulous by Faith’, what you might call the ready-to-wear and made-to-order side of my business. I also design and make theatre costumes and I am the wardrobe mistress for Ballet Black ( Dressing in a way that looks and feels right and enables the wearer to feel confident whatever the context works both on and off the stage, so I find everything that I do fits together perfectly.

Faith's beautiful purses

 Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?

My inspiration varies although I am always drawn to beautiful things from any era. I am often drawn to the beauty of nature as well of design so in my creations you may notice elements from the pleating & draping on C18th gowns or maybe the suggestion of the petals of a flower.


 What's been your experience of "It's Darling!"?

I have been at both of the previous fairs and I enjoyed them so much, received lots of good feedback and met so many great people, that I can’t wait to be there again. I also love Bath so any excuse to visit is fine by me!

Are you doing anything special with your stall?

I have some new bits and pieces for the Spring including some sculptural silk hairclips in variety of colours as well as some soft poppy inspired corsages which can also be worn in the hair; and, as always, plenty of things to add a touch of colour to any outfit.

One of Faith's new sculptural hairclips

What I love most about Spring is...that feeling of resurgence, hope and vitality that comes with the lengthening days, buds pushing open and evidence of life where previously there seemed to be none. There’s nothing like a bit of spring sunshine and blossom to make me smile even on a hard day. It’s the magic of possibility.

What I need to buy most in Spring is....a length of light bright fabric to make a new cheerful dress.

For more about Faith go to or follow her on Twitter: @faithbarber
Her online shop is coming very soon!

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  1. Love your stuff Faith. We would have loved to have you at Lacock's Christmas in the Cloisters. Alas we are confined to the local area with our traders. The purses are my favourite! xx


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