Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet the stallholders: 60 seconds with.....Ellen from Shepherd's Moon!

Hello and welcome to our first meet and greet with one of our amazing stallholders who will be at "It's Darling!" We'll be featuring each one of them but to start, it's Ellen Roberts, a spinner, knitter and weaver from Newport in South Wales.

Ellen sells hand spun wool, hand knitted items out of hand spun wool, hand woven items, and felted items...Rumour has it she will be giving a spinning demonstration at the fair too - not to be missed! Let's find out more about her..

Ellen and her gorgeous son, Owain

1. So, Ellen, how long have you been involved with wool?
I have been in business since February 2007, but have been knitting and weaving most of my life. I learnt to spin over here in the UK. I don't mind letting everyone know that I am American... I met my ex-husband, Karl in the states while we were in welding school together... After eight years together, we moved over here to be with his family and to settle in and start our own... Although the married didn't stick past twelve years, I stayed with our lovely son Owain... I really love it over here and I am very close with Karl's family and he is still a big part of Owain's life... I don't regret anything because I wouldn't have what I do or know all the wonderful people I do if my life had been different...

2. Why did you start?
I always wanted to go into business for myself, and always enjoyed working with my hands... When I found myself a single mom, I decided I needed to do something that I can work around my son... I also love promoting what I do and hope that I actually have folks feeling like they learned something great after chatting with me at events...

Some of Ellen's fantastic work

3. What's your inspiration for what you do?
I love the idea of starting with hardly anything and turning it into something lovely... As far as inspiration, luckily I come from a family of creative women who have always encouraged those who are interested, in learning what they have to offer. There's a loom in my room was my grandmother's... It was built by my granddad out of rafters from an old dairy barn that a friend of his was tearing down...

Ellen's grandmother's loom

4. Why did you want to be part of "It's Darling!"
I had heard of "It's Darling!" through a friend of mine and had a look and thought that it was lovely and unique, a lovely place to spend a day and show my wares...

5. Tell us more about you.
I have a lovely son named Owain who is 5 and the center of my world, we have a cat named Lucky who we found at the RSPCA when Owain was interested in having a baby brother... I am lucky that my biz and my hobbies tie in together... However, I love mostly spending time with Owain and doing things together... Guilty pleasures would be the odd treat that Owain and I would share while we are off on one of our mini adventures... :-)


6. Will you be offering any special offers at It's Darling and if so what?
We will have some items on the stall that are under £20.

"I don't regret anything because I wouldn't have what I do, or know all the wonderful people I do, if my life had been different... "
Ellen's sane attitude to life

7. What's your piece of "three second wisdom" - life or crafting advice!
Always do your best, and your best will always get better... BUT don't sweat it if it doesn't always go your way...

One of Ellen's beautiful quilts

8. What three things would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?
Owain, Suncream, and a life time supply of ice cream in various flavors... (Variety is the spice of life!)

9. What in your life would you say is "It's Darling!" and can we have a picture of that?
My son and yes...

The most darling thing in Ellen's life

Contact Ellen at where there is a link to her Facebook page too. Or come and meet her on July 17th at the Guildhall in Bath!

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  1. What a great interview! And Owain is just gorgeous! :-)


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