Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet the stallholders....Christmas Shopping with Village Green Soaps

While you'll be able to make bath bombs at the fair, on Saturday 19th you'll also be able to buy handmade soap with no nasties, from Gloucestershire natural cosmetics maker, Village Green Soaps. Here's the owner Karen who will also be selling soy wax candles, bath salts, bath bombs and gift bags.

Have you ever sold at It’s darling! before? 

I haven’t, but I have visited and loved the experience.  I came in July with my daughter who was thrilled when she found what she said was ‘vintage’ copy of her favourite book ‘Wuthering Heights’  The book was inscribed and had previously belonged to someone who lived a few streets away from where her Dad grew up and now believes she was destined to own that particular book – sweet.

Tell us about what you sell and why. 

My soaps are made in the traditional old fashioned cold process method using the finest sustainable vegetable oils blended with pure essential oils.  They have no artificial fragrances, additives, preservatives or chemicals in them and I am proud to say that.  Your skin is precious and you should know what goes onto it. 

I make every bar myself and hand cut and wrap each one with care and love. No two soaps will ever be exactly the same in size, shape or smell and that is also part of the handmade experience that my customers tell me that they enjoy. 

What is your most value-for-money item and what is your favourite?

From the simple bath bomb to one of my bars of soap, all of my products are made with natural ingredients and I’m hoping that once you try them your skin will tell you that it ‘feels great.’

What are your top three tips for Christmas shopping/present giving?

1.     Buy something that you would love to receive yourself no matter how small. If you like it the person you’re buying it for will too.
2.     Look in places you wouldn’t normally go into.  I recently bought a dress in a place I’ve always thought wasn’t for me and do you know that it’s the most commented on item I own and I feel great wearing it. So spread your wings and try new places.
3.     This year I’m saying buy handmade in the UK or from independents.  Support local and you’ll be glad you did.

What is most darling about the South West in Winter?

I’m originally from the North but am always pleased to see the pretty Cotswold towns and villages in winter with their displays and lights.  The enchanted woodlands of Westonbirt are a must visit during the Christmas period.

For more information about Village Green Soaps click here.

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