Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet the Spring Fair stallholders...a quick cuppa with Ruth Oliver from Once I Was

Hello! Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Ruth Oliver and I live on the outskirts of Salisbury, Wiltshire and my business is called "Once I Was."
I create fashion accessories using reclaimed materials and recycled fabrics. Way-past-their-wear-by-date leather jackets; tablecloths and party frocks are all transformed into beautiful bags, pretty purses and much more!


When and why did you start doing this? 
I have been designing, making and doing since I was little and have my fingers in various crafty "pies", but Once I Was was established in 2009 after doing some work with Oxfam. I was inspired to set-up in order fufil my need to create and make! Once I Was fits around my other job as a designer-maker at Vivien Sheriff Millinery.

One of Ruth's new designs

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? 

I like to play around with shapes and work on patterns when starting new designs looking through my collection of haberdashery and fabric finds. I also do a lot of daydreaming when on my bike!

Look for this logo on 26th March

Why did you want to be part of the "It's darling!" Spring Fair?

When I read about "It's Darling!" on a blog and looked into what type of fair it was,  it seemed to be the perfect event to showcase my work. As I work with reclaimed and recycled clothing I feel this fits into both the Vintage and Handmade aspects of the show. I also want to reach a audience that is excited by unique and handcrafted items.

Could be yours...
Are you doing anything special with your stall? 

There will be a Once I Was "Pick'n'Mix" where I will be offering a selection of items for a special price and I will be showing new bags and other goodies.

Another new design by Ruth

Please finish this sentence: What I love most about Spring is....

...riding on the Swanage Railway with Mr and Master Oliver. The ultimate vintage travel treat! 

A snap from Swanage Railway
Please finish this sentence too: What I need to buy most in Spring is....

...wide leg trousers and new brogues, a wicker basket and my 30th (eek!) birthday tea party ingredients!

What's darling in your life?

Little Sammy O (below)


For more info contact Ruth in the many ways below
w. e: t: 07851 02757


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