Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet the stallholders...tea and cake with Sarah Hill from Freda and Me

Lots of our stallholders travel from all over the country to "It's darling!" and Sarah Hill is no exception. She lives in Derbyshire with her husband, two sons and her kitten and makes vintage fashion and home accessories under the name of Freda and Me. She has shops on Etsy and Folksy and will be at The Guildhall on Saturday 11th December.

The glamorous Sarah Hill

Hi Sarah, what's your favourite tea and cake combo? 

I like a coffee and walnut cake with a normal cup of tea. Although a young lady I know makes the most delicious cupcakes

When and why did you start doing Freda and Me? 

I've always loved to sew and make things, but having started a family I didn't find much time for creativity. Then last year with my children older and at school, and surrounded by beautiful fabrics, button, lace and other gorgeous items inherited from my grandma, Freda, I started making again. I started with bags and moved on to the corsages and it went from there. I don't have another proper job as such but I do lots of other things with school and at the moment I'm choreographing the chorus in the local Chapel Players Pantomime. I do my creating when ever I can and find it keeps me sane.

Wow! Cool clutch and purse from Freda and Me

Where do you get your ideas from? 

As I use vintage and secondhand fabrics etc. I find the materials usually inspire me themselves as they are all so different and beautiful. When I see something I like, a piece of material for example,I start imagining what I could do with it and usually get an excited feeling. I do also have a penchant for fashion magazines from which I gauge current trends. However I don't like to be too dictated by trends as Freda and Me is about being unique.

Sarah's accessories are contemporary vintage

Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”? 

 A friend sent me a link to the Facebook page for the first fair. I couldn't make it then but I loved the idea of the fair and I really liked the way the fair was promoted. I'm therefore really pleased to be part of the Christmas event.

Something to snuggle up to

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

Christmas has always been such a big thing in our family, my husband likes to have the where and who with arranged in July. I love Christmas at home with a big really tree with lots of gifts underneath. The children open some presents when we get up and then start to play. We then start to prepare the meal and await our guests. Before we sit down about four o'clock we hopefully get a walk in. Then as the sun sets we light all the candles and sit down to eat. A three course meal with all the trimmings and a good wine. After food we will sit around open more gifts and then play a family game. By the time it's bedtime I'm tired with blissful happiness.

One for the Christmas list

 What’s “It’s darling!” in your life? 

My two boys. Sorry husband Nick you are a close second with the kitten snapping at your heels.

 Sarah's darling sons

For more of Sarah's work go to or

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing Sarah at It's Darling in December :)


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