Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meet the stallholders....Christmas Shopping with Bunny Jump

It's Sunday night and time for something a bit cheeky to cheer you up before you go back to work. Meet Bath-based Bridget from Bunny Jump, a self-proclaimed It's darling! Virgin who makes lovely lingerie and will be at The Guildhall next Saturday. Read all about her and don't forget to withdraw your spending money, pre-book your tea-leaf reading, sign-up for your bath-bomb workshop discount ticket and enter the £10 shopping voucher prize draw. Remember the first 50 to turn up with a RSVP ticket receive a goodie bag with a free back issue of Mollie Makes magazine. The countdown has begun!

Bridget from Bunny Jump gets festive

Tell us about what you sell and your inspiration?

I make panties. Lots of panties. I make them out of pretty much anything and everything!I love hunting down unusual fabrics, or designing fabrics that are a little quirky. I also love finding cool vintage fabrics and unique charms to stitch onto them.It’s my aim to make people smile with everything I make.

Bridget wants her work to make you smile

What is your most value-for-money item and what is your favourite?

Everything is priced at £15 each. I like to think that I make something for everyone, so there’s a really wide range. If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the retro pin-up girl panties or the Star Trek ones..... Or perhaps the vintage Star Wars fabric ones....  (I could go on?...)

The retro pin-up knickers are her favourite

What are your top three tips for Christmas shopping/present giving?

I always try and buy people things they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Something that will make them smile. The more indulgent the better!! Of all the presents that I’ve given friends and family over the years, the homemade ones have always been the most cherished (and cheapest!). I also have very fond memories of a disastrous chocolate making session with the kids one Christmas... I think that year we may have bought chocolates instead!! Making gifts has become one of our family Christmas traditions.

I love the hustle and bustle of a shopping trip to London in the run up to Christmas... but the ultimate shopping experience has to be being tucked up in the warm with the internet, a mug of hot chocolate (with whipped cream... obviously), a real fire, a fabulous scented candle burning and some gorgeous Christmas music playing. Perfect.

What is most darling about the South West in Winter?

Bath in the winter is stunning. The Royal Crescent in the snow. The city centre with the Christmas lights on. All the quirky boutique shops and the Christmas market. There’s always something on. My favourite new Christmas tradition is to go and see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at the Little Theatre cinema. I love it!!

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  1. I worked in Bath for a bit but left just before winter so I never got to see it how you describe. I can completely believe how stunning it is in winter though. I loved Bath. After reading this I will have to take a trip back their soon.

  2. Yes do try and come and see it, it is magical. Thanks for reading!


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