Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet the stallholders…60 seconds with Bryn from Kay’s Eclectic Vintage..

And now for something completely different…Bryn Lewis who is based in Cardiff tells us all about herself and her blossoming vintage business in her own words. Oh and she is Becky Purple Sparkle’s mum too! What do they put in the water in Wales? Talent runs in that family.

 Linens by Kay's Electic Vintage aka Bryn

Hello, My name is Brynda but I am usually known as Bryn - and my middle name is Kay - hence my stall's title. I don't have a website or shop but you can always contact me via e-mail or my new blog. I would love to hear from anyone who has the same interest as I have.  I've been interested in linen since I was quite young when I used to embroider chairbacks, tablecloths and so on (slight giveaway of my age there!) I have always wanted to have a stall selling vintage linens but, as usual, life got in the way, until my very talented daughter re-inspired me.

Bryn aka Kay's Eclectic Vintage aka Becky Purple Sparkle's proud mum

I began looking at my old things, then my Mum's old things, then old things in other places and soon I was hooked.  I even bought a new sewing machine so that I could really get back to my younger, crafty self!  I concentrate on vintage linens but also have jewellery and pottery plus a few glass items. “It's darling!” is ideal for my goodies - I share the same ethos of wanting to bring some of the beautiful things from the past to the people of today.

I have a husband who tolerates everything I do - I think he secretly loves it when I am away for the day/weekend!  I have a gorgeous, talented daughter who inspires me and who keeps me fit by sending me to craft fairs as the Welsh half of Purple Sparkle.  To keep me sane I bury my head in a book, watch 'rubbish' on TV and occasionally pop over to Egypt for a spot of fish, dolphin and shark watching, thirty metres under the Red Sea.

 Bryn's mascot cat
My three second wisdom is if you like it buy it
; you'll always regret the one that got away.  To my Desert Island I would have to have my scuba kit and an unlimited supply of compressed air, the complete set of books by Cormac McCarthy and Mia, my pussycat who has never managed to grow up.

Mia, Bryn's real cat

I don't have a website or shop but you can always contact me via e-mail or on my blog. See you on Saturday the 17th!

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