Friday, December 10, 2010

Meet the stallholders...tea and cake with Emma Blythe from Blythe Spirit

We are blessed with talented jewellery designers at "It's darling!" and Emma Blythe is no exception. She lives at Staverton Marina and runs her business "Blythe Spirit" in between her job as an air hostess.

Glamour puss Emma

Hello Emma, what’s your favourite cake? And kind of tea? 

Ginger cake and jasmine tea.

 Emma's beautiful work

Please tell us what inspires you...

I made first necklace for my Granny when I was five. I love the organic fluid shapes and strong colours in nature and am inspired by the different shades and shapes to be found in plantlife around the globe.

Tiara anyone? (Model not included)

Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”? 

It sounds like a lot of fun and a perfect venue for artisans of Bath to meet and trade.

Heart Necklace

Are you doing anything special with your stall? 

I have been working on a Christmas Collection and will also have tree decorations, there are some glamorous seasonal pieces including some crazy and eclectic hair ornaments for the showgirls  amongst us !!

Emma is inspired by nature

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

I have been lucky to experience Christmas in many different countries. What is essential for my Christmas "Cheer" is a loved one to share a cocktail or two,whether that be on a beach or in a city, in a luxury hotel or a campervan. A fabulous new frock and some impossible to walk on but beautiful to look at shoes.This year my husband and I will be spending Christmas in Thailand and Australia so food will be barbeques and green curries, the dress floaty and cool and the shoes flip flops! I would listen to the Halleluyah chourus from Handels Messiah or failing that Kylie's version of "Santa Baby". My family always has a traditional Christmas Day at my parents home with a roaring fire, too much red wine and turkey, followed by dog walking in Corsham Court, even though it is often not on the 25th! 

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without….Love, laughter and kindness.

What would you say “It’s darling!” about in your life? 

My beautiful step daughter Sam who is the inspiration behind my "LouLa Belle" collection and my goreous dog Burleigh.

Emma's darlings - her stepdaughter Sam and her dog Burleigh

To find out more about Emma's work please go to her website or visit her all weekend at the Guildhall

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