Friday, December 3, 2010

Meet the stallholders...tea and cake with Teri Mayo from Treasured Vintage

One week to go and still so many stallholders to meet! Here's Teri Mayo from Caerphilly in South Wales who makes sparkly, glamorous jewellery and accessories under the banner "Treasured Vintage."

We want one of these!

Hi Teri, tell us more about what you do.

We (my mother and I) make restored, repaired and upcycled vintage jewellery. We will also be bringing some reproduction vintage bags made with lovely Harris tweed and some vintage brooches.

And how did you get into this?

I have always loved vintage clothing and jewellery and was always on the hunt for the perfect find. Although the jewellery is beautiful I found many pieces were not very wearable and the pieces I could afford were badly damaged and in need of repair. Therefore I believe I found a lovely little gap which I will beautifully fill. I like my pieces to be affordable and always using the best quality materials and I absolutely adore all my pieces and it pains me to part with them. With help from my mother we have been buying and repairing since July and now are ready to show our makes to the world.

Beautifully restored vintage pearl earrings

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? 

I love Art Deco my very first vintage earrings my husband bought from Caernarfon North Wales on a mini break. They were onyx and marcasite with a semi circle bottom and they are hinged so sway with movement. They are stunning and he bought me a mother of pearl set when we returned on honeymoon.

 Why did you want to be part of “It’s darling!”? 

I discovered "it's Darling!" when a friend suggested it ideal for us to be a part of. We feel "It's darling!" encompasses our ethos perfectly. We feel really privileged to be a part of such a well-organised and special fair. We are very excited.

We are happy to have you, as we are all our stallholders. Are you doing anything special with your stall for "It's darling!" by the way?
 We will be bringing along a wide selection of our creations perfect to accompany any party dresses for the festive session and beyond. We will also we bring some handmade pieces made from semi precious gemstones and some vintage reproduction bags.

Any brides out there need one of these

Describe your ideal Christmas day...

My ideal Christmas is at home with my husband and two little boys. The house is warm and beautiful decorated and has rich smells coming from the kitchen the children are happy and playing with there new toys and hubby and I are enjoying a glass of buzz’s fizz.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…. A perfectly decorated tree and twinkley lights. Gosh I am getting so excited !

Teri having a well-earned break

Now onto the sugary bit. What’s your favourite cake? And kind of tea? 

My mother gave me a recipe for the most amazing carrot cake. It was from a book called Sweet and Simply party cakes and I just have a tatty old photocopy but as far as im considered its worth its weight in gold and as my mother always says don’t forget to soak your raisins! I think im going to coin it as an ancient family recipe. Although I would say I don’t like tea I have never actually tried it. I love black coffee and drink far too much. I'm sure you will spy me with a mug or two on fair day.

And what would you say “It’s darling!” about? 
My boys are my world. I love them so much and am nothing without them.

Find Teri's work at or on Facebook 

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