Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet the stallholders...a quick cuppa with Rebecca Denton from Ursula O

We love to invite all kinds of creative people to trade at "It's darling!" and Rebecca Denton aka Ursula O is no exception. She'll be selling her erotic greetings cards in a very unusual way. Let's meet her.

Hi, tell us about you...

My name is Rebecca and I live in Bath. I studied textiles design and worked for five years swatching, designing prints and embroideries for fashion, but am currently working here in Bath for a company called COUCH. It's perfect as it is still based in fashion (although catering to a completely different market to the one I was used to) and is giving me amazing experience in running a small business. I’m hoping the knowledge I gain there will help me with my empire.

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How did you start your business?

Ursula O is a very recent creation, I sell erotic greeting cards. I cut and collage beautiful backgrounds from my treasured collection of magazine clippings and write my own suggestive, “thought provoking” poems on the front. I hope they provide a sexy but sophisticated way of inspiring your special someone.

Cheeky! What inspires you...

I think I am most inspired by the idea of having an alter-ego, I love fashion and dressing up and always like to have a project on the go which allows me to do this. Since my sea sister and DJ partner C-SHELL moved to Barcelona a few years ago, opportunities have been thin on the ground, so the invention of Ursula has been great fun.

Rebecca and C-Shell

Will you be doing anything special with your stall?

I hope to tout my wares retro street hawker style, from an usherette tray. I LOVE usherette trays.  I am STILL waiting for the one my boyfriend promised to build me with a built in lamp and tassled shade.

Look out for Rebecca selling her cards, Usherette-style

Why did you want to be part of "It's darling!"?

I came as a visitor to the "It's Darling!" last summer and was intrigued when I heard about this year’s addition of The Secret Tea Party and Pop Up Parlour.

What I love most about Spring is..........blossom, my favourite tree is a magnolia, and longer days, how do we survive the winter months?

What I need to buy most in Spring is........a picnic blanket, for some (hopefully) sun soaked evening park relaxing, watching the hot air balloons take off.

My current “darlings” are…….street artist, Bortusk Leer and my salty sister, C-shell.

To find out more about Rebecca go to  or email her at

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  1. Not only is Rebecca showing her own brand of awesomeness in her craft, she's also earning from it. Of course, making a living out of what we really love to do is one of the best things in life! And her experience in running her small business will definitely help her a lot. We learn a lot of things from the people and things around us, and as far as starting a business is concerned, all we need is sheer motivation!


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