Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet the stallholders...Christmas Shopping with Passionflower Creations

Vashti Mayne from Weston in Bath embodies the artistic spirit of It's darling! and will be at the Guildhall on Saturday and Sunday with her wonderfully inventive jewellery, accessories and fascintators. Don't miss her!

Tell us about what you sell and describe your inspiration.

I make and sell jewellery and accessories, including fascinators. I love making my products and have always been a crafter. I love the unusual and quirky as well as the refined and elegant, so my products are a heady mix. I have a background in sculpture and installation art, which provides a lot of my inspiration, though I also love fringe fashion.

What is your most affordable  item and what is your favourite? 

My cheapest items are my butterfly hairclips at £2.50 each. My favourites have to be the mini-top-hats I make, as they are all so quirky and original.

What are your top three tips for Christmas shopping/present giving?

It's not how much money you spend on a present that matters, but how well thought out it is. Bearing in mind someone's personality and hobbies/interests try to find something that shows some insight into them.  Many local artisans like myself will create bespoke items specifically tailored to the person, as the gift will have been created especially for them they tend to be treasured by the reciever.

What is most darling about the South West in Winter? 

When the rolling hills are covered in snow.

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